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Itto and Mekiya Outini smiling and hugging in front of a stone wall with flowers and greenery in the background

The DateKeepers

The Outinis

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Itto Outini in a black dress, black sandals, and red lipstick, sitting in gray chair

Itto Outini is a Fulbright scholar, international journalist, accessibility advocate, human rights activist, strategic thinker, problem solver, and author of the forthcoming memoir Blindness is the Light of My Life

Itto and Mekiya on a date at a restaurant
Mekiya and Itto in New York city
Mekiya Walters in a blue button-down and black pants, seated in a black booth at a table

Mekiya Outini is an author, editor, poet, essayist, communications specialist, and self-styled gourmet bean chef.

Image by Nahil Naseer

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Mekiya and Itto together in New York
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