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Telling stories.
Moving Mountains.
Changing Lives.

Our Vision

To build an international creative community united by our common intent to better the world and our common belief in the power of stories. Together, we strive for heights that none of us can reach alone. 

Our Mission

To elevate unsung pioneers whom traditional media too often pass over: artists, artisans, researchers, inventors, innovators, creators, and entrepreneurs who take on timeless challenges as well as the greatest challenges of our time.

To create opportunities for journalists and nonfiction writers seeking to hone their craft, develop their voices, implement constructive feedback, publish their work, and reap the benefits of long-term professional mentorship.

To use storytelling to cultivate mutual understanding and build bridges across cultures. 

To connect change-makers with their peers around the world and foster fruitful collaborations.


To promote our collaborators to an international audience of over 100,000.  

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