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A Hub for Writers & Creators

Our Vision

To build an international creative community united by our shared commitment to supporting writers, thinkers, and creators, fostering interdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations, and promoting meaningful work around the world. 

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Our Mission

To help writers and authors hone their craft, develop their voices, find their audiences, publish their work, navigate their industries, and build their careers.

To connect change-makers across geographic, professional, and cultural divides. 

To cultivate cross-cultural understanding through storytelling. 

To foster fruitful, interdisciplinary collaborations.


To promote our collaborators to an international audience of over 100,000.  

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Help us Build the Public Square We All Deserve

Do you want to live in a world where the media cultivate collaboration rather than division? Where change-makers reclaim the spotlight from fear-mongers? Where your voice can be heard? Help us get there: donate today.


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