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Itto Outini

Itto Outini is a journalist, Fulbright Scholar, Steinbeck Fellow, MacDowell Fellow (2024), public speaker, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at The DateKeepers, founder and former president of Fulbrighters with Disabilities, and author of the forthcoming memoir Blindness is the Light of My Life. She holds an MA in journalism and strategic media from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and a BA in applied linguistics from Mohamed V University in Rabat, Morocco. 


The organizations for whom Itto's spoken include The United Nations, Verizon Wireless, and Cal Tech University, and her life story has been featured on BBC. Itto's calendar tends to fill up quickly, so to book her for a speaking engagement, consultation, or any of her other services, contact her at least six months in advance. 

Image: Itto Outini in a black and white dress, black sandals, and red lipstick, sitting in gray chair

Itto's Services

Public Speaking
Content Writing

Are you seeking an electrifying speaker with a singular story and expertise in technology, education, overcoming adversity, and more? Book me virtually or in-person at least six months in advance.

Are you seeking a multilingual content writer with experience in business, education, and journalism? Look no further. Book me at least one month in advance. 

How to Start a Business
How to Write your Memoir
Study Abroad

Are you burnt out and tired of working for others? I was, too, and now my business is an international success. I will help you forge your path.

Are you writing or trying to publish a memoir? My hands-on experience with everything from grant applications, to finding an agent, to selecting comp titles will prove indispensable. Book me today. 

Do you want to study abroad? As a Fulbright alumna, I’ll help you find opportunities, prepare for the TOEFL, IELTS, and GRE, and make your way in a foreign culture and educational system.

Grant Writing

Do you need input from an experienced writer with an excellent track record? I’ve helped individuals and organizations secure grants of all shapes and sizes, and I’ll help you, too. 

Have people been taking advantage of you for too long? I’ll help you navigate manipulative, exploitative people, find your inner strength, and turn whatever hand life’s dealt you into a winning one.

Do you want to make your organization more inclusive? As a blind, indigenous immigrant woman of color, I’ll help you unlock your marginalized workers’ suppressed potential for the benefit of all.  

Prices are available upon request. Contact Itto for availability.

“Blindness is the light of my life.”

Itto Outini

Media Appearances

  • Interviewed on Talk Radio Europe – The Lifestyles Show. November 2022. 

  • Interviewed on RNIB Connect Radio – Tracks of My Life. October 2022. 

  • Interviewed on KMBC Channel 9 – News at Noon. March 2021. 

  • Interviewed on KKFI 90.1 Kansas City, MO. January 2021. 

  • Interviewed on KUAF 91.3 Fayetteville, AR. January 2018. 

  • Interviewed on UA TV, Fayetteville, AR. October 2017. 

  • Interviewed on HesPress, Rabat, Morocco. July 2017. 

  • Interviewed on Radio Medina FM, Mèknes, Morocco. October 2016. 

"Focusing on my education has always paid off. I never regretted what I gave up for the sake of educating myself."

Itto Outini

Image by Nahil Naseer

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