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Stuff: A Matrilineal History of Hoarding Disorder & Trauma Bonding

Updated: May 12

Image: This is a collage-style graphic. The background is black, from the bottom sloping up to the top right corner is a mixed compilation of stuff made to look like a hoard. There are garbage bags, toys, furniture and other quotidian items. On the left is an open door with light shining through. On the bottom left there are four doll hands reaching for the open door.
Stuff. | Original Graphic by Ariana Lippi


How I see “stuff” has been shaped by my family’s history of mental illness, excessive acquisition, and hoarding disorder. These experiences have informed how I view society’s relationship with capitalism, waste, consumption, and global production. They have also inspired my interest in environmental studies, which I’m currently pursuing as a Master’s candidate in Global Environmental Policy at American University.

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