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The Chorus: Through Literature and Dramaturgy, Alan Robinson Unchains Himself

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

Alan Robinson stands on a flat mesa with a mountain range behind him, dressed in a hoodie and hoking gear, near the remote northwestern Argentinian town of Purmamarca
Alan Robinson visiting the remote, northwestern Argentinian town of Purmamarca

Since childhood, novelist, scholar, and playwright Alan Robinson has been drawn to narratives that represent identity as heterogeneous, truth as multifaceted, and reality as multilayered. He cites his fellow Argentinian Jorge Luis Borges, whose fiction often abandons such classical elements as character and plot in favor of surreal thought experiments and abstract philosophical fantasies, as a formative influence. When he encountered Carlos Warnes’ comic novel All That I Would Wish to Be if I Were Not All That I Am at the age of 11, it drew Alan further into the literary multiverse, amusing him with its heteronymous author, Cesar Bruto’s deliberate deployment of grammatical errors.

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