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Submission Guidelines

We publish journalistic and creative nonfiction: essays, articles, op-eds, commentaries, monographs, profiles, experimental forms, and more.


We know that writers are tired of receiving—and often paying for—rejections. That's why we've pioneered a different model.


Though we do sometimes decline submissions, we do not read to reject. We look for the potential in every piece that we receive. Our typical response is a revise-and-resubmit request.


We have no hard word or page limits, though you'll really have to wow us if your submission exceeds 10,000 words. Send us your best work. We'll help you make it even better.

If you join our team of contributing writers, you'll receive constructive feedback, long-term professional mentorship, access to an international audience, and regular publication opportunities, all while retaining a high degree of creative control over your work.


In return, we ask for your commitment. Tell us how many pieces you'll submit throughout a 12-month period, propose deadlines that suit your schedule...and then follow through. 

Ready to submit? Use the form below. 

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